Colour may be 1-2 shades different in person then in photo. 
 measurements may be 1-3cm off 
Wash in cold water, hang to dry. 
Material:   97% Cotton 3% spandex 
All accessories are extra cost

Top-7.25 height, 8 length 
Bottom-6.75 height, 8 length 

Top-7.5 height, 8.25 length 
Bottom-7 height, 8 length 

Size 2 
Top-8 height, 8.75 length 
Bottom-7.5 height, 8.5 length 

Size 4
Top-8.25 height, 9.75 length 
Bottom-8.75 height, 9.5 length 

Size 5/6
Top-9.75 height, 9.75 length 
Bottom-8.75 height, 10 length 

Size 8/10
Top-10.5 height, 11 length 
Bottom-9.5 height, 10.5 length

Blue Zebra Bathing Suit